Virtual classrooms are like aeroplanes…

The practice of facilitating in a virtual environment is unique in so many ways. When planning a piece of virtual learning, one of the key challenges is that it can appear incredibly abstract. If you’ve never designed a piece of e-learning, webinar content or other virtual learning solutions, it can be helpful to pick a... Continue Reading →

Webinar questions… and my answers

On LinkedIn there was a questions asking for feedback on webinars. Typically I've responded fairly fully and exceeded the word limit, so I'm posting my answers here in case they help anyone else. Original post: Original question: I'm looking for some feedback on #webinars if you either deliver them as part of your marketing strategy,... Continue Reading →

Resistance to live online learning – webinar links

I delivered a webinar for the LPI about why there is resistance to online learning, and some tips of how to overcome them. Here are all the links to the research I mentioned: LPI certifications, COLF and CDOL: An Exploratory Study Comparing Two Modes of Preparation for Online Teaching: Virtual Spaces: Employing a... Continue Reading →

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