We specialise in live online learning.

We know people can deliver – but we want to make it better!

Our focus is on helping people improve their live online delivery. We thrive on seeing them expand their skills. We love to watch them grow in confidence. That’s our happy place. And we’re there every day.

How we work

We make it personal. Our sessions are designed for a maximum of 10, so everyone can get involved in the activities and discussions.

We deliver in your platform, whether it’s Teams, Zoom, Adobe Connect, Webex or others.

We practice what we preach. Our sessions are engaging and impactful, so your people can experience top notch virtual delivery and replicate it for your organisation.

Who we work with

L&D, training, HR, sales – we’re here for you and any other teams that need to revitalise their live online and virtual presence.

You can be a corporate, a charity or a public sector organisation based in the UK or abroad. We’ve helped them all. And we’re regulars on the expert speaker list at industry conferences.


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