Virtual classrooms in numbers

How long should a virtual classroom session be? Half an hour, all day? How many people, six? 15? It's a challenge to know what is right. Often people ask me how many people should be in a virtual classroom. I recommend as few people as possible and the Lightbulb Moment virtual classroom courses I run... Continue Reading →

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Virtual classroom session structure

A lot of us know about how to plan, design and deliver a face to face training session. But what about a virtual classroom session? Here's a quick overview that might give you some ideas: Always teach the basic tools people need to interact, one at a time, as you need them. Usually this is... Continue Reading →

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What is digital body language?

  I'm interested in how people communicate and connect when they aren't face to face or even communicating in real time, perhaps through an asynchronous forum or community such as Slack or Yammer. Lori Niles-Hoffman, who is a Data Driven Learning Strategist, has experienced "the seismic shift from classroom to digital" in her career and... Continue Reading →

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Facilitator Guide for live online classroom

**UPDATE** This document has been updated as of May 2020 to reflect my refreshed design. This is a free Lightbulb Moment resource - a blank facilitator guide, session plan, lesson plan (or whatever name you want to use!) that you may wish to use as a starting point for your live online sessions, virtual classrooms... Continue Reading →

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L&D passion 2020 survey

A few podcasts and interviews I've done this year, along with my 2020 work during the Covid-19 pandemic, has allowed me some reflection on my vision, values and passion - as an individual, a professional and a business-person. In 2019 I asked people via social media what makes them passionate about L&D, and wrote a... Continue Reading →

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