Module 1

Skills, tools and starting right

We all want involved participants in our sessions, for them to be able to use the technology, communicate easily and not get overwhelmed. This module focuses on looking at best practice with the communication technology, starting sessions well for sustained engagement, and developing the confidence of your facilitators.

“Absolutely excellent – being shown what good looks like is the best training! The team have seen how to do it and now I have a benchmark”

Therese Wood, EISAI

Module 2

Engagement and activities

Keeping participants engaged with their learning
through well-designed activities. We look at the
differences when designing for live online versus
face-to-face, how to introduce new technology tools, layering effective activities, having a back-up in case things don’t work, and more.

“I like the way you incorporate all that you teach in your sessions. Nice upbeat way of teaching”

Caroline Van der Leest, Exact

Module 3

Facilitating remote attendees

All facilitators want to connect with individuals and serve the needs of the group. When remote, the technology can feel like a barrier. This module focuses on identifying individual and group needs through digital observation, and the actions facilitators can take to better achieve session outcomes.

“Very smooth running and a level of informality, which made me feel very at ease (and it appeared others too). As you might expect, great modelling of very effective virtual facilitation and lots of learning from just observing”

Mike Shaw, Emerald Works

Additional training

  • Utilising your platform effectively
  • Troubleshooting the technology
  • Effective use of breakout rooms
  • Producer and co-facilitator training

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“I have very much valued the practical tips and demos, because it has given me the confidence to deliver live online learning”

James Garrett, SustrainUK


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