Resistance to live online learning – webinar links

I delivered a webinar for the LPI about why there is resistance to online learning, and some tips of how to overcome them. Here are all the links to the research I mentioned: LPI certifications, COLF and CDOL: An Exploratory Study Comparing Two Modes of Preparation for Online Teaching: Virtual Spaces: Employing a... Continue Reading →

Relationships not robots – Flight Hospitality Annual Conference

I was invited to speak at the Flight Hospitality 2016 annual conference in Dublin, where the theme is Relationships not Robots. My session was discussing whether the virtual classroom, or live online delivery, is friend or foe. From the session This post is a summary of some of the key points and quotes with... Continue Reading →

Engagement in virtual classrooms video

It was an honour to be interviewed by Issy Nancarrow, of Nancarrow Partnerships, at the Learning Technologies 2016 conference. I spoke about how important engagement is in virtual classrooms, as well as the importance of good design for live online sessions and that online facilitation is a new skill to master.  

Live online learning – article links

I've written some articles about live online facilitation recently and thought I'd share with you, either for your own reference or perhaps might help with colleagues, managers and clients:   From the Corporate Learning Consortium, what is live online learning: From Training Journal, how to facilitate a group you can't see: From Learning... Continue Reading →

Adobe Connect countdown timer

I recently delivered a webinar entitled Instruction versus Facilitation - improving our delivery as part of the LPI webinar programme. A few people have asked about how to get the timer that was shown in screen along with the reception slides before the session began. It's really easy once you know about it, so here's a... Continue Reading →

Webinar best practice (or not)

I'm attending a webinar right now, based in the States, from a large company that provides lots of webinars on different L&D and online learning topics. What I've attended so far has been good, and also different approaches to what I do, so I'm getting a lot from them. I'm also reinforcing the things that... Continue Reading →

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