I was invited to speak at the Flight Hospitality 2016 annual conference in Dublin, where the theme is Relationships not Robots.

My session was discussing whether the virtual classroom, or live online delivery, is friend or foe.

From the session

This post is a summary of some of the key points and quotes with links to original research.

“The issue is no longer whether or not online learning is or should occur, but rather
how it is implemented”

From: An Exploratory Study Comparing Two Modes of Preparation for Online Teaching

Researched reasons for not using live online learning:

  • More “trouble than it’s worth”
  • Fear of technology
  • Hated web meeting/webinars: long and boring

From: Beat the Hype Cycle: Get people to use the web presentation tools you’ve paid for By Wayne Turmel

I also referenced the funny “video conference call in real life“.

“Two key variables influence intention to make use of a technology: perceived
usefulness and perceived ease of use”

From: Factors affecting faculty use of learning technologies: implications for models of
technology adoption

“What motivates people to learn online? 76% want to do their job faster and better”

From: 70+20+10=100 The Evidence Behind the Numbers Towards Maturity

“Those reporting directly to the line of business support double the number of
learners with fewer resources”

From: http://www.towardsmaturity.org/article/2016/05/09/in-focus-preparing-future-

“If instructors are aware of the ease in which virtual classrooms can be set up and
used, they may be more inclined to use this technology to carry out online
instruction more effectively”

From: Use of Synchronous Virtual Classrooms: Why, Who, and How?

“Both students and tutors were positive about using … online tutoring, and …
interactions were perceived as successful”

This is from a report in 2007 – it’s 9 years old and we are still having pockets of

From: Virtual Spaces: Employing a Synchronous Online Classroom to Facilitate Student
Engagement in Online Learning

I used a graph of research about why people leave webinars early, from The Virtual Presenter.

“Over 75% of people who present using online tools do so for the first time with
innocent victims on the other end”

From the Remote Leadership Institute: http://www.remoteleadershipinstitute.com/communication/do-you-suffer-from-glossowebinaphobia/