Instructor to Facilitator

I work with a lot of different L&D professionals and I always find it interesting when we get to discussing our approaches to knowledge/skills transfer and behaviour change. I'm firmly at the facilitator and coaching end of the scale and I'm surprised how many are still at the instructor end. Any type of L&D intervention... Continue Reading →

Impressions from The Virtual Learning Show #4

Design is everything: five techniques for designing an interactive virtual class Cindy Huggett had some great interaction from the beginning in the chat and with Cindy using polls and a separate chat window to understand our role and find out our burning questions. The five techniques for interactive virtual design: defining great design great openings... Continue Reading →

COLF assignment 3

The third Certified Online Learning Facilitator assignment has two parts. One part is to continue practising with online learning tools (e.g. Adobe Connect or Cisco Webex) and developing our final assessment 30 minute online delivery. The other part was a 100 word exploration of how our organisation uses web conferencing facilities and who benefits from them. I've... Continue Reading →

Learning Technologies 2013 – I’m facilitating at the Learning eXchange with Training Journal

I’ve blogged previously about the Learning eXchange at the Learning Technologies and Learning Skills Exhibition and how valuable I found them. Training Journal has asked me to facilitate at their sessions - I’m honoured and excited to accept! The Learning eXchanges provide an opportunity for L&D professionals to directly meet the conference speakers to swap... Continue Reading →

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