The winter Virtual Learning Show, organised by Colin Steed, has come around so quick! I really enjoyed the two days in the summer (see my blogs here) and with the line up for the winter online L&D conference, it wasn’t a hard decision to sign up for the free event!

Colin gave an introduction to the day coming up, including mentioning CDOL, to new online course from the LPI:

Making the case for face-to-face learning

The first session was with Clive Shepherd from Onlignment. Here are some tweets for a flavour of the session:

What I picked up from Clive’s session…

That across L&D and also business we need to change from our reactive thinking that all training has to be delivered in a face to face classroom – usually at great resource expense. As an online trainer embracing ever more technology, this isn’t a hard one for me to take on board, however everyone is in a different point of their thinking and experience on this. We have to help people along with that!

Evaluating virtual training: a scorecard for success

With Kassy LaBorie from Dale Carnegie Digital:

Agree with this about Kassy!

What I learnt from Kassy…

That I’m doing the right things in my online (and face to face!) training with regards interaction and collaboration. I can always improve this and I continue to strive forwards.

Social Media and Virtual Classrooms

With Kassy LaBorie and Thomas Stone, both from Dale Carnegie Digital:

What I learnt from Kassy and Thomas…

The confirmation of the chat window being so important in the online classroom. I love to get people interacting this way, as you can see by my tweets above. I also miss it when I’m in the face to face classroom!

Design for behaviour change

With Julie Dirksen.

Colin also recommended Julie’s book.

Julie posted her slide share too.

What I learnt from Julie…

A very informative session about behaviour change. The key thing for me was about the interactivity. Julie’s material and delivery is excellent but for me not as participative as other sessions. Certainly something I need to ensure I do across all of my online sessions to keep people engaged.

Coming up next!

Some comments from in the Virtual Learning Show chat:

“There must have been an incredible amount of work gone in today. Well done. Well delivered.”

“Just wanted to say I have found the session very formative and useful I am new to delivering on-line training so this has really helped :)”

And now looking forward to Day Two! Sign up for free:

See all the #VLS13 tweets: