What is digital body language?

What does it mean in today’s professional world? How can you use it? ​All your answers are here. 

The term “digital body language” was coined by Steve Woods in 2009. He used the term in digital marketing to mean “the aggregate of all the digital activity you see from an individual”.

This page brings together modern digital body language resources to look at marketing, learning and development, webinars, virtual classrooms and social media. 

Digital body language in articles


Read about what digital body language is, it’s background, it’s use in digital communications and it’s challenges in training

Social media

What does Marshall Goldsmith say about digital body language? Understanding social media analytics and the digital body language model

Live online

This article compares face to face body language with that in the virtual classroom – what can you apply to your next webinar or online meeting?

Digital body language webinar recordings

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