I work with a lot of different L&D professionals and I always find it interesting when we get to discussing our approaches to knowledge/skills transfer and behaviour change. I’m firmly at the facilitator and coaching end of the scale and I’m surprised how many are still at the instructor end.

Any type of L&D intervention needs to use the right tool for the job and sometimes that is instruction. However what troubles me is both that a number of trainers do not understand the benefits of a facilitative model and that they aren’t always open to the possibility of change. Ironic really, when you consider that our role is all about change!

The use of coaching style questions and facilitating learning through discovery in the classroom (face to face or online… education or corporate) puts the learning participant firmly at the centre of it all.

No longer is it about the lecturer knowing everything, it’s about how we can facilitate the change for our participants so that they are involved. This approach means they learn more, quicker and more enjoyably.

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