Put a Twitter hashtag on your webpage

The Big Sponge Hangout is happening this week, with live Google Hangouts, pre-recorded videos and lots of L&D and technology conversation. I've been recorded for a video and I'll tweet/blog about that separately 😀 I was working on the first day and couldn't attend the live hangout, so wanted to watch the recording and see... Continue Reading →

Neuroscience webinars I’m hosting

Neuroscience is a bit of a hot topic in all sorts of areas at the moment, including Learning and Development. Part of this is the "neurobollocks" of this science being misused all over the place. To that end, there is a great Twitter account to keep track of some of those bits of science that... Continue Reading →

Engagement in virtual classrooms video

It was an honour to be interviewed by Issy Nancarrow, of Nancarrow Partnerships, at the Learning Technologies 2016 conference. I spoke about how important engagement is in virtual classrooms, as well as the importance of good design for live online sessions and that online facilitation is a new skill to master.  

Live online learning: Resistance & ingredients to success – Summary from Charity Learning Commission September User Group Meeting

These are the summary notes of research and references from my recent speaking engagement at the Charity Learning Consortium User Group meeting on behalf of the Learning Performance Institute.   "The issue is no longer whether or not online learning is or should occur, but rather how it is implemented" from An Exploratory Study Comparing... Continue Reading →

Action Mapping – summary from Learning Live

These are a few resources from my Learning Live 2014 breakout Inspire session for the Learning Performance Institute. Action Mapping is an approach for designers to identify the measurable performance outcomes a learner needs to perform on the job. Read more from creator Cathy Moore: http://blog.cathy-moore.com Examples in the Learning Live Inspire session were from Cathy's... Continue Reading →

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