Learning Live Conference 2013 – day two

After coffee and various pastries for those who wished to indulge, the keynote of the LPI conference was due. It was delivered by Spencer Kelly, presenter of technology show BBC Click. Sadly there is no video to see of the keynote, due to restrictions in Spencer Kelly's BBC contract.  Spencer Kelly starts his keynote #learninglive... Continue Reading →

COLF assignment 3

The third Certified Online Learning Facilitator assignment has two parts. One part is to continue practising with online learning tools (e.g. Adobe Connect or Cisco Webex) and developing our final assessment 30 minute online delivery. The other part was a 100 word exploration of how our organisation uses web conferencing facilities and who benefits from them. I've... Continue Reading →

Presentation Zen: chapters 1-4

I’ve read the first four chapters of Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds. This was loaned to me by Craig Taylor and he’s asked me to share my thoughts… I like that the use of the “Zen” part so far at a high level – this isn't a book on Zen in any depth whatsoever. This... Continue Reading →

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