Impressions from The Virtual Learning Show #3

Comparing Webex, Adobe Connect and Goto for your virtual sessions Karen  Hyder highlighted that she was going to cover Adobe Connect, GoToTraining and the WebEx Training Centre. Karen gave us a link to a comparison of these on Wikipedia. Karen’s delivery was great to listen to and she had a scary amount of knowledge about all... Continue Reading →

Impressions from The Virtual Learning Show #2

From desktop to device Elaine Giles presented a session titled extolling the virtues of mobile learning and not relying on desktop machines. Elaine said that we don’t always know how content is being consumed now. Elaine demonstrated a lot of different sharing and interaction between mobile and desktop devices. I never thought about sharing desktop stuff... Continue Reading →

Impressions from LSG 2013 Conference – Big data

Nigel Paine, focuses on leadership, learning and technology and talked about Big Data in his Learning Technologies 2013 conference session. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Nigel’s - I didn’t want more on learning analytics and merging business data with strategy and action from L&D. Whilst it's important and I want to learn more it wasn’t... Continue Reading →

Do we have to be perfect to be good educators?

Is teaching an easy option? Six weeks off in the summer eh!? What about training adults - easy as they are all super motivated, right!? In her article about working through her Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE teaching qualification) in the Times Educational Supplement, Angie Jenkinson writes about teaching being so much harder than she... Continue Reading →

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