The Big Sponge Hangout is happening this week, with live Google Hangouts, pre-recorded videos and lots of L&D and technology conversation. I’ve been recorded for a video and I’ll tweet/blog about that separately ūüėÄ

I was working on the first day and couldn’t attend the live hangout, so wanted to watch the recording and see what the Twitter conversation was. I got to the page for the recording just fine, but couldn’t find the Twitter hashtag!

Twitter isn’t the¬†only way of engaging with people and having a¬†conversation, but it is an important one and should be accessible to people if they want it – as with any other social media space.

I couldn’t find the hashtag anywhere on the homepage:


Incidentally, it’s #SpongeHangout

I thought to myself, I’ve made sure this is easy to find on the¬†TJ website where I host monthly webinars. Then I looked, and realised I hadn’t! So I’ve put it in the first piece of text of the page and it’s more immediately obvious:


I’ve also made sure to add a sentence about it, and a link to the tweets in the hashtag, further down the page in the explanation of how it works.


The thing to think about, is what might your audience want from your landing page/home page/information page about your event, product or service, and make it easy for people to access.

By seeing this on another website, it prompted me to update the TJ one.

Now, back to the Sponge Hangout recording!