Interesting question to ask yourself, male or female, any time in history.

What prompts me to think about it this morning is that I’m working on some materials for an online session tomorrow – one of the slides are the three people involved in delivery. All women. Three photos on the slide, three ladies. My initial thought was “that’s cool, women are leading this”. There’s a General Manager who is also a Doctor, a Lead in her area and a successful independent business owner (well, me!).

But then, I wondered, should the fact that there are three women delivering/hosting a webinar actually be something of note in this day and age? Surely it should just “be”.

Which got me thinking about whether I’m a feminist. I don’t think I am! I quite like the role where my partner does the manly stuff of emptying the bins and sorting out the cars and I do the cooking. I like men opening doors for me and treating me like a lady. And I don’t get that often – I’m six foot and one inch tall, and not exactly a waif, so there aren’t many times I get my case carried up steps and so on. At those times I really am not a feminist and appreciate a strong guy saving me!

On the flip side though, I’m independent, I do actually know how to do things like change tyres and I have my own electric screwdriver (ok, it’s a pink one my boyfriend bought me…). On a serious note, I’m living in a time where I am reaping the rewards of the serious feminists before me. I appreciate that immensely. Actually, I probably don’t appreciate it enough.

I’m not an active feminist. I think equality is important, regardless of sex, age, race, religion, sexual preference, intelligence, social/emotional intelligence, music choice or any other way you want to slice and dice life.

Maybe I’m an equalitist. Yeah. I’m happy with that for now.

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  1. Great article you wrote! I wouldn’t worry about the notion of deciding if you’re a feminist or not. Of course you want the concept of an equality brought upon all people, but we all have different roles in life. You play as the model woman others should follow because you independent without seeking the need of others. At the same time, you’re not pushing everyone aside with the belief woman are better than men. By acting as the model woman, you show other woman who need guidance the way and you show men you could be independent and strong minded without shoving it into other faces. That’s how leaders work.

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