Adobe Connect countdown timer

I recently delivered a webinar entitled Instruction versus Facilitation – improving our delivery as part of the LPI webinar programme.

A few people have asked about how to get the timer that was shown in screen along with the reception slides before the session began. It’s really easy once you know about it, so here’s a quick bit of info.



The timer, among many other things, is what Adobe called an Extension for their online classroom/webinar/meeting software, Connect. You can find the extensions here:

If you scroll down the page you’ll find a green “Countdown Timer” which I use in my online classes or the black and white “LoungePod” that Colin Steed uses when hosting an LPI webinar.

  • Simply download the .SWF (shockwave/Flash) file
  • Then in Adobe Connect share a pod
  • Browse for content as normal
  • Uploading the .SWF file from your computer
  • Keep the .SWF file for another day and another class if you want to

Have a look at the other Extensions too, you might be creative and and more value and even some fun to your online hosting.

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