Surrey Personal Learning Network

A face to face meetup for professionals living in Surrey, UK.

We get together once a month for the evening to chat about work – learning and development, marketing, business, HR, career and all sorts of other things besides.

We are a group of, largely, L&D and HR professionals that meet up in a pub in Surrey. It’s a casual networking group that enjoy chatting and learning from each other. All are welcome!

To get involved, just email and be included in the email list!

Click here for ZeeMaps where you can add your location to help with planning where we meet. Also noted are previous meetups (in light blue/turquoise).

2018 dates – locations and pubs to be confirmed

  • 13th February, 8-10pm
  • 13th March, 8-10pm
  • 10th April, 8-10pm
  • 15th May, 8-10pm
  • 12th June, 8-10pm
  • 10th July, 8-10pm
  • 14th August, 8-10pm
  • 11th September, 8-10pm
  • 16th October, 8-10pm
  • 13th November, 8-10pm
  • December – nothing, 8-10pm

Regular attendees

People who come along often include:

  • Jo Cook @LightbulbJo
  • Darryl Howes @DarrylHowes
  • Virginie Chasseriau @VirginieAlice
  • Lorna Matty @Lorna_Matty
  • John Bill @JohnBill22
  • Hesketh Emden


We don’t often tweet, but if you want to, you could use #SurreyPLN


Previous pubs and dates 

  • 21st November 2017, 8-10pm – The Hand and Spear, Old Heath Rd, Weybridge KT13 8TX
  • December 2017 – nothing, there’s too much going on already!
  • 16th January 2018 – cancelled as Jo had the flu! 🙁

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