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Jo was a keynote speaker at the E-Learning Fusion conference in Poland, she spoke about digital body language. The #ELFconf hashtag regarding her talk had some great responses!

If you want to know more about what digital body language is, Jo wrote an epic blog post all about it, ‘What is digital body language‘.

Jo’s talk was titled, ‘Embracing digital body language’ and below are some of the tweets that delegates and Jo shared.

The tweets

Early on in the talk Jo asked the below question to the delegates and got them to discuss it amongst themselves.


Jo has found this area fascinating and has done two blogs on it.

Text Personality – People think you’ll miss out on so much by not speaking face to face or on the phone. There’s a certain amount that’s true about that, I’m not going to argue. But like any communication or detail, there’s a lot more richness you can get without realising.

Reading mood and tone of text – I’m digging in deeper to the idea of being able to read the digital, or virtual, body language of someone without seeing them face to face.

Wonderful use of artistic talents to take notes in the session, what a great way to keep it all fresh for when you look at it later.

If you are interested in the area of digital body language and virtual classroom communication, Jo has merged her knowledge on both fields into the below blog.

Face to face communication and the virtual classroom – This blog post details research about how our brains react to different types of communication and what this means for how we design and deliver virtual classroom training sessions.

Thanking you!

A big thank you to iPro e-Learning for putting on the E-Learning Fusion conference, all the people who attended the session and of course the tweeters!