Online training like the movies and a bit of culture too

This evening I watched a webinar from InSync Training, titled Lights, Camera, Action! Designing and delivering online training with impact and excitment! (search for “lights” to find the session).

It was a free webinar in the US and interesting to have a look at bringing some more impact to online learning. There were some interesting elements in the beginning about the presenter/facilitator/trainer being the actor on stage. There was also some content around the structure of a movie story versus a traditional training program and how to make this more interactive. Both these elements are interesting if you are new to delivering learning online and things to think about with regards using your webcam. It’s also interesting as Linda Uli presents with the webcam on for the whole session.

The part that I found most interesting was about culture (in the table of contents it’s from the point where the slide titled “Interaction – think about the audience” at about 28 minutes into the session). I really liked the diagram (screen grab below) that profiled cultures into how they like to interact. The presenter highlights that this is based on research and is correct about 70% of the time. I thought it was interesting to see this in a graphical format about our learners and how they might like to interact with us in our online environment.


The session went on to look at voice and “scenery” about the visual element of your slides.

Linda also highlighted about making sessions more interactive (around 42 minutes in) versus reading out slide text. This was a great interactive explanation and, again, especially good when you are new to online delivery and looking to ensure you do things differently online.

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