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Jo was part-time Deputy Editor for Training Journal, and here are all of her articles on a variety of topics.

Training Journal articles and features

Is your L&D department business-focused enough? pt2 (April 2018)

Is your L&D department business-focused enough? pt1 (April 2018)

Online Educa Berlin 2017: Resources and comment round up (December 2017)

OEB preview 2: The future of our role and the part technology plays (December 2017)

OEB preview: Is your lack of self-development making your role redundant? (November 2017)

New research: What managers really think of your learning technology pt2 (November 2017)

New research: What managers really think of your learning technology pt1 (November 2017)

Plate spinning: Lessons from facilitating a live video broadcast (November 2017)

What if you don’t like video? (September 2017)

Video on a budget (August 2017)

TJ asks What is the future of learning? (January 2017)

Learning Live: Bringing together the brightest minds in L&D (September 2015)

Celebrating Training Journal’s 50th birthday anniversary (July 2015)

Learnfest: A leadership conference with a twist (July 2015)

A group you cannot see – virtual training (January 2015)

Behind the scenes of the Virtual Learning Show: the L&D online conference (May 2014)

Learning Technologies Fringe Events (February 2014)

Live Event Tweeting (February 2014)

Taking conferences online: The Virtual Learning Show (December 2013)

The undoing of conferences (December 2013)

Developing Leaders for the 21st Century – TJ Event (December 2012)

Established in your role? (May 2012)

Learning to Learn in the 21st Century – TJ event (May 2012)

Leadership in the 21st Century (March 2012)

Training Journal magazine column


February 2018 – virtual reality

January 2018 – webinar success

December 2017 – reflection

November 2017 – sales skills

October 2017 – employee engagement

September 2017 – TJ Awards business focus

August 2017 – technology

July 2017 – virtual teams

June 2017 – organisational development

May 2017 – challenges of neuroscience in L&D

April 2017 – skills we need in L&D

March 2017 – change

February 2017 – coaching within conversation

January 2017 – none, Future of Learning feature instead

December 2016 – creativity

November 2016 – are courses old fashioned?

October 2016 – engagement in L&D

September 2016 – modern communication

August 2016 – professionalism of design

July 2016 – technology and feeling welcome at conferences

June 2016 – thoughts on the TJ digital offering

Training Journal blog

Is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs still relevant in the 21st century? (August 2017)

Do you need help to improve your writing to ensure people learn better? (July 2017)

Drop the Mehrabian communication pie charts, now (July 2017)

Networking and personal development (January 2017)

Learning what is needed, not what we want to teach (December 2016)

How to avoid being stagnant in your L&D role (September 2016)

Can L&D effectively support employees with practical social learning? (July 2016)

Happy Anniversary to me! (April 2016)

I don’t have the time (February 2016)

You have to feel the learning (October 2015)