What is a Modern Learning Leader?

There are two main components to think about, "modern learning" and "leader". Being a super leader You could argue there's a crossover subset here, of "modern leader", though I think by tackling "modern learning" I hope to cover that. There's volumes and volumes written on leadership and what I present here are only my personal... Continue Reading →

Plot a destination and set sail

I've just been having a conversation with a colleague from a previous role who is making the jump and going freelance. It's an awesome decision to make, right for some, not for all. As I have my own company and work for a variety of clients in a different roles, my friend was asking about how do you... Continue Reading →

Developing Leaders for the 21st Century – TJ Event

News report originally published in Training Journal December 2012 “Coming along to a training programme no longer cuts it” said Larry Reynolds, Managing Partner of 21st Century Leader, about Developing Leaders for the 21st Century; the last L&D 2020 event of this year. Reynolds walked a the group through six principles of a Leadership Development programme... Continue Reading →

Leadership in the 21st Century

News report originally published in Training Journal March 2012 Innovative risk-taking “feels like breaking the rules”, said David Archer yesterday at Training Journal’s Leadership in the 21st Century event in London. One of the key topics discussed by a variety of attendees and speakers was the future skill set for Learning and Development, which highlighted:... Continue Reading →

Established in your role?

This feature was first published in Training Journal in May 2012 Jo Cook explains how to inject some freshness into a job you've had for some time That wonderful joy of hearing “you’ve got the job”, coupled with perhaps the relief of moving on to the next step in your career, or from redundant joblessness back in to... Continue Reading →

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