Lightbulb Moment offer consultancy and bespoke training programmes on instructional design, online facilitation and social media skills. Please contact for discussions.


Engage with Lightbulb Moment for consultancy around blended, online learning programmes to include webinars, the virtual classroom, curated content, 70:20:10 approach and also to include traditional face to face sessions for business performance.

Lightbulb Moment can consult on strategy and tactics with your business and L&D staff to ensure a performance based learning solution is designed and implemented.


The below are examples of the programmes that can be tailored to the needs of your organisation and people.

How to use the virtual classroom platform

All about using the technology, Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx Meeting Centre or Training Centre, GoToMeeting, Webinar or Training, Saba Meeting and many more platforms


  • Connect microphones for hosts, presenters and attendees
  • Share/show PowerPoint presentations and other files
  • Interaction basics – green ticks, thumbs up and more
  • How to use chat
  • How to work with a producer or co-host

Next steps

  • Whiteboards and slide annotation
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Q&A in your platform
  • Media and webcam use


Introduction to virtual training

Great for first steps, new to technology in learning and attitude changes.

  • Challenges and successes with online training
  • Technology problems and virtual classroom basics
  • Delivery skills needed
  • Interaction basics


How to train in a virtual classroom

Great for starting the skills needed for online training.

Session one

  • How to deliver engaging online sessions
  • Facilitating quality virtual classrooms
  • Using a variety of online tools

Session two

  • Using a facilitator guide
  • Role of the producer


Developing virtual training skills

Great to focus on interaction and technology, once the basics have been established.

  • What technology elements you can use in online delivery
  • Good practice skills
  • Getting over talking at the screen
  • Engagement


Great facilitation skills

Ideal for trainers with some experience to deepen and develop their practise and confidence.

Session one

  • Delivery methodology – similarities and differences in types of online session
  • Challenges and successes with online facilitation
  • Delivery of your activity for cohort feedback

Session two

  • Technology and good practice in session design
  • Technology confidence in facilitation
  • Importance of interaction to learners and facilitators – what to do about delegate silence!

Session three

  • Voice – elements that make up vocal delivery
  • Language for online facilitation
  • Delivery of your activity for cohort feedback

Session Four

  • Instructional design elements, including Action Mapping and objective writing
  • Discussion of appropriate length of online sessions and programmes, including GEAR methodology, spaced practice and social learning


Design for the online classroom

Complements facilitation skills.

  • Facilitator guide importance and details
  • Activity design
  • Slide content
  • Slide design


Instructional design (face to face and online)

Great to ensure modern learning theory and business focus is at the heart of learning solution design.

  • Definition of ID
  • What ID will help the business with
  • Consultation skills for business focused performance
  • ID models including Action Mapping, objective writing and 70:20:10 to plan learning solutions
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