The tilt to VILT

Virtual Instructor Led Training is on the rise. No surprise there. But what’s interesting is that the prediction for forward growth takes it's starting point as November 2020, rather than benchmarking future figures against pre-Covid stats. The global virtual classroom market size is predicted to see a nearly 10% Compound Annual Growth Rate over the... Continue Reading →

One big moment of teaching need

I feel negative, upset and like a failure. I've come home early from a Sunday afternoon class that should have been fun, interesting and a safe place to learn a new skill. Instead, I've wasted my money and my time. I'm annoyed with myself because I can't do the drawing we were learning, but I'm... Continue Reading →

Live online reflections

For the third year running I've hosted the live online presentations as part of the Learning Technologies Awards. It's 60 presentations over two weeks, so that's about 180 sessions I've hosted over the years. As I come to the end of the hosting for this year, there are a few small but interesting observations I... Continue Reading →

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