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Guest articles 

L&D: It’s time to rethink compliance training (August 2017) – HT2 Labs

How to make the most of webinars for personal learning and development (February 2017) – HT2 Labs

Delivering successful online training (September 2016) – Clear Lessons 

Ergonomic review: Evoluent VerticalMouse V3 (December 2015) – HR Zone

What is live online learning? (July 2015) – Clear Lessons 

Ergonomic review: generic eBay saddle stool (July 2015) – HR Zone

Ergonomic offices: Steelcase Think chair review (June 2015) – HR Zone

How to design a training session for the online classroom (June 2015) – Inside Learning Technologies & Skills Magazine

Is it about time we forget Ebbinghaus? (September 2014) – HR Zone

How can we approach live online learning to ensure good practice? (September 2014) – HR Zone


Featuring Jo

Elucidat blog article where Jo was an expert contributor: The secrets to a successful elearning project

Peter Jarman and Company accountants case study (January 2015) – PJCO website

Learning Live 2016: Five tips for better L&D featuring notes from Jo about the virtual classroom in point four – Martin Couzins in his Personnel Today article.

Screen grab from the article by Martin Couzins

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