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TJ magazine column

August 2016 – professionalism of design

July 2016 – technology and feeling welcome at conferences

June 2016 – thoughts on the TJ digital offering

TJ blog

How to avoid being stagnant in your L&D role (September 2016)

Can L&D effectively support employees with practical social learning? (July 2016)

Happy Anniversary to me! (April 2016)

I don’t have the time (February 2016)

You have to feel the learning (October 2015)

TJ other articles and features

Learning Live: Bringing together the brightest minds in L&D (September 2015)

Celebrating Training Journal’s 50th birthday anniversary (July 2015)

Learnfest: A leadership conference with a twist (July 2015)

A group you cannot see – virtual training (January 2015)

Behind the scenes of the Virtual Learning Show: the L&D online conference (May 2014)

Learning Technologies Fringe Events (February 2014)

Live Event Tweeting (February 2014)

Taking conferences online: The Virtual Learning Show (December 2013)

The undoing of conferences (December 2013)

Developing Leaders for the 21st Century – TJ Event (December 2012)

Established in your role? (May 2012)

Learning to Learn in the 21st Century – TJ event (May 2012)

Leadership in the 21st Century (March 2012)



Learning Technolnologies logo

How to design a training session for the online classroom (June 2015)








Delivering successful online training (September 2016)

What is live online learning? (July 2015)






Ergonomic review: Evoluent VerticalMouse V3 (December 2015)

Ergonomic review: generic eBay saddle stool (July 2015)

Ergonomic offices: Steelcase Think chair review (June 2015)

Is it about time we forget Ebbinghaus? (September 2014)

How can we approach live online learning to ensure good practice? (September 2014)



Peter Jarman and Company accountants case study

Martin Couzins Personnel Today article: Learning Live 2016: Five tips for better L&D featuring notes from me about the virtual classroom in point four:


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