Training a group you cannot see

Wednesday 22nd November 3pm UK time / 10am EST

Virtual instructor-led training and webinar learning sessions are a key trend that is continuing to grow, with 86% of Towards Maturity benchmark L&D leaders saying that they use virtual classrooms.

However a lot of individuals, teams and organisations don’t have the skills and insight to know how to take advantage of the technology to ensure they deliver learning outcomes needed for performance and behaviour change in the business.

This workshop session will look at the challenges of training an online group where you can’t see their body language and you feel like you are just talking at a computer screen.

We’ll cover how to engage people, how to use their energy just like in a face to face classroom and also how to deconstruct your training to understand how to construct it again when planning and delivering an outstanding online session.

Ideal for: Those already designing and facilitating online sessions, as well as managers and leaders who are inquisitive about how good an online program can really be.

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About Jo Cook

Having worked in L&D for 20 years, Jo Cook has a lot of experience to draw upon to focus on the learning solutions in your organisation.

In recent years Jo has focused her career and company on virtual classrooms, webinars and the strategy of implementing digital learning.

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