The four pillars to successfully upskill your team to deliver Virtual Classrooms – register for free

Tuesday 31st October 2017, 10am UK time / 8pm AEST

Your trainers and L&D team already do a great job with their face to face and e-learning delivery.

The Virtual Classroom is a new modality to learn. Your trainers can not just take a full day or more of face to face delivery and expect it to work in an environment which is technology enhanced and where they can’t see their learners.

Join Virtual Classroom specialist Jo Cook to discover the four pillars that will help your team to develop into successful live online trainers.

You’ll discuss:

  • How to focus on changing hearts and minds about previous poor experiences
  • What technical competency is about in a live online environment
  • The need for experience
  • The necessity for on-going support and skills development

The Lightbulb Moment webinars aren’t like others you may have been to before – prepare for some great conversation and thought provoking sharing!

Ideal for: L&D Managers and stakeholders that need to ensure they are deliver virtual classroom excellence.

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About Jo Cook

Having worked in L&D for 20 years, Jo Cook has a lot of experience to draw upon to focus on the learning solutions in your organisation.

In recent years Jo has focused her career and company on virtual classrooms, webinars and the strategy of implementing digital learning.

Click here to read more about the founder of Lightbulb Moment.

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