How to improve the learning offering

Tuesday 28th November 10am UK time / 7pm AEST

Join co-author of the latest learning transfer research, Mark Arneill, to discuss the detail from the research about improving the learning offering.

Using data from the latest learning transfer research, we will look at how can we further support learners to retain and display new skills and behaviours in the work place.

We will discuss the following areas:

  • Take a look at how learning is being designed and delivered within the workplace
  • Discuss the mismatch between what learners want/need and what L&D are allowed to provide
  • Look at what we can do to evolve the learning process further to add benefit to the organisation

Ideal for: L&D Managers and professionals that influence decisions in their organisation

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About Mark Arneill

Mark is the Director & Founder at Lentum, a performance support tool to dramatically increase the amount of learning transfer.

Mark was previously the Publishing Director of Training Journal magazine, so has a great grounding in L&D. Also with a background as Head of Sales and Business Development Manager, Mark understands the challenges of running and developing business and the people that work within them.

Mark has teamed up with Lever Transfer of Learning in Australia and the University of Sussex to research about the challenges and successes of learning transfer.


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