Flowering in L&D

Yesterday I wrote this blog post for Training Journal, about how to refresh ourselves in our professional life. It was inspired by seeing a stagnant stream on a walk. This morning I went on a similar walk and saw some plant life that reminded me of two things: blooming in adversity and perspective. Blooming in adversity  Where... Continue Reading →

Sparking my creativity

I love helping people. I guess it's why I naturally fit into Learning and Development so well and why I felt at home the first time I was delivering in a classroom. It's why my business is called Lightbulb Moment and on Twitter I'm @LightbulbJo - it's the moment of learning, of independence, of insight. I... Continue Reading →

Plot a destination and set sail

I've just been having a conversation with a colleague from a previous role who is making the jump and going freelance. It's an awesome decision to make, right for some, not for all. As I have my own company and work for a variety of clients in a different roles, my friend was asking about how do you... Continue Reading →

True networking

I love this piece of writing by Janet Webb, about the joy in giving rather than taking. Whenever I go to an L&D work event I approach it as a social event too. I love getting to know people, what they do and just generally chewing the fat. And if I can help, even better!... Continue Reading →

Recommendation of redundancy

Feature originally published in the now defunct Live Your Life In Colour website December 2012 The 'r' word is scary. It means no holiday. It means a loss of livelihood. It means defaulting on the mortgage. It means what next for my career? We can look out at the job market and not know where... Continue Reading →

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