A fish called learning

On Thursday morning I'm attending the PSK Performance Fishbowl Discussion on the DNA of the Modern Learner in London. It's running 8-10am, so that does mean a very early start to get into London for that time, but I'm sure it will be worth it! The day is hosted by Trent Rosen, who is Director at... Continue Reading →

Relationships not robots – Flight Hospitality Annual Conference

I was invited to speak at the Flight Hospitality 2016 annual conference in Dublin, where the theme is Relationships not Robots. My session was discussing whether the virtual classroom, or live online delivery, is friend or foe. https://twitter.com/LightbulbJo/status/743397035475369984 https://twitter.com/EdwardGallier/status/743426315974488064 https://twitter.com/LightbulbJo/status/743398115529547776 From the session This post is a summary of some of the key points and quotes with... Continue Reading →

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