Attending the CPD series

Thanks for signing up for the Virtual Classroom CPD Series, we look forward to welcoming you to the live session.

The quick info

  • We have also set up an Adobe Connect ‘room’ for you to test you can actually join one. There’s no one there but a slide and a few notes. What you can do is test that you can log in to it with your Adobe Connect user name and password. Just click here to see if you can join.

It’s all about you

All of our virtual classroom sessions are designed and delivered assuming that you are one person, at one computer – not sharing computers or audio.

Why? This allows you to focus on your own learning, thoughts and involvement in the discussion. If you green tick for yes, then we know it’s you and you don’t have to consult a whole group! If you are typing something, it’s your thoughts and you aren’t missing out on sharing or asking something.


Listen to the Lightbulb Moment webinars with a headset and mic over VOIP

To be able to listen in our webinars, we use VoIP (Voice over IP) which means the sound goes through the computer.

We don’t use telephones at all and there is no dial in number available.

This means you’ll be listening through your computer headset or speakers. Please make sure you won’t disturb your colleagues and you have a headset ready to go.

If you are attending one of our learning programmes you’ll be speaking during the session too. We recommend a headset with a microphone rather than the computer speakers and microphone. It’s better quality sound.

To get most out of the learning experience you’ll want to be able to speak during the session too. We recommend a headset with a microphone rather than the computer speakers and microphone. It’s better quality sound for you and less likely to cause any audio feedback or echo if you have a headset.

Checking your computer audio

Your computer should automatically detect your headset and use it. However sometimes we need to help it along a bit.

If you don’t know how to do this, google “playback devices” and “recording devices” along with your operating system and version, for example “windows 10”. That should give you instructions on how to manually set up your headset if you need to.

If you are on a Mac using Safari, this info is for you!

Still need some more troubleshooting information? Read our post on the Open Community.

How to join

You’ll be sent an email before the session. Just login with the username and password from when you registered.

Our CPD Series sessions require an Adobe Connect account as we’ve locked down the sessions to keep them for members only. These rooms are unavailable for guest access, so you need to make sure you have your username and password that was set up for you when you registered.

If you already have an Adobe Connect account for other work, it’s no problem at all. Just make sure to log out your other one before logging in to our session. Even if it’s the same email address there will be no conflict, as you are a user on our domain ( and not the one for your work.

Problems logging in?

Try this troubleshooting guide.

We hope you enjoy!

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