October 2018 was the Stimulearning L&D Talks conference in Brussels.

I was honoured to be asked to be not only a keynote speaker but also to deliver a masterclass for select members.

The L&D Talks programme 2018
The L&D Talks programme 2018

Firstly though, the night before the conference there was a panel discussion.

L&D Teams in Belgium

Lisa De Schrijver presented her research about the roles of L&D in Belgium. A summary of the ten roles that Lisa discovered in her work is available on the L&D Talks website. The panel discussion was recorded at the Webinar Solutions TV studio.



Panel discussion recording

The panel discussion was facilitated by Piet Van den Bossche and included: Maike Kueper, Andy Lancaster, Donald Clark, Leif Sorensen and Shannon Tipton.

You can watch the one hour 18 minute discussion on the Webinar Solutions Vimeo page, or in this embed:

The Tasks & Role of the L&D Function from WebinarSolutions on Vimeo.

Keynote – digital body language

My keynote was titled “Learning in the future: Digital Body Language”. You can read more on this topic in my blog post here.

Masterclass – designing and delivering in the virtual classroom

In a three hour masterclass we looked in a fair amount of detail about the importance of language and labels in live online learning, the importance of interactive design and the use of the technology to enable great performance.


You can listen to three podcasts about L&D Talks, with Andy Lancaster, Maike Kueper and even me!

And, lastly, apologies to Don for dragging him round Brussels with my poor taxi skills!