This was an “in the moment” reflective blog. Read more about the workshop here. Please note, I didn’t re-read this, just published raw thoughts!

It’s after lunch and Sukh Pabial is giving us quit tim to reflect, which I’m making noises in with my typing.

Sukh has provided this flip chart to help us think about our thoughts, ask these questions, if they arre relevant, then then decide if there is an action from that thought.

What I have experinced in the workshop so far this morning is actually the list of som of those words. An environment, with other professionals, that is interesting, helpful, challenging, supportive an more.

Before lunch we needed to think about what we wanted for the rest of the day. So many of us are so indoctrinated into the school classroom modality of sitting and listening to the expert, or being told which activity to do, that we expect that. Whilst I didn’t expect that approach from Sukh, I know him too well for that, it did leave me at a loss for what I epected from the programme. What is the tangible thing I want.

What struck me was how much I’m enjoying the challenging and supportive conversations we are all having. Me helping someone else is helping me. Sukh reflecting back my language allows me to expriment with something else. Me dominating the conversation allows me to get what I need, as it does when someone else does.

So, reflection. Time. That’s what I have experienced and that’s what I want more of.

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