This is a blog piece which are some reflective thoughts and also the “end of level gate” to complete in order to move on with the Outstanding MOOC I’m attending.

The technology part of MOOCs, and any activity, is what distracts when is not working well. It gets in the way of learning, conversing, deeper thought and just enjoying what you are doing.

Case in point today trying to continue with the MOOC on the train using my phone. The activity to complete the level would not work on the phone and I couldn’t continue. This has been fedback and will be logged at.


No keyboard to type with in the above picture.


… And no way to scroll and select ok when trying to upload an image instead.

So I decided to link to a blog post as a way of moving forward.

Second point of annoyance…. All the fields to complete :


Some of these don’t make the most obvious sense to me in the moment.

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  1. Hi Jo,

    Once again thanks for providing this feedback.

    Your first 2 observations above have been passed to the Curatr Product Manager for investigation.

    In terms of the ‘number of fields’ that are required, we’ve already identified this as something that we can do better at and conversations are underway.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on these areas as they will all be fed into the beta product testing (which is what this MOOC is in) prior to any changes being fed into the *live* product.



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