This week I’m very much looking forward to Live Tweeting from the 2014 Learning Technologies conference in London. Live Tweeting is where I will be attending the conference sessions and writing tweets about what is going on in the event. This is to capture for some kind of online prosperity and also for those unable to make the session or conference at all. You can follow on Twitter, even without an account: #LT14UK

You can read more about joining in from Kate Graham.

The conference sessions will be recorded, so if you can’t make it you’ll be able to watch online. Here are some from previous years

Learning Technologies 2013 posts to read

If you haven’t been and want to know more, here are my blog posts from Learning Technologies 2013:

2013 twitter images screen from Learning Technologies

Fringe event

This year after the conference or free exhibition there will be a free ‘fringe’ event you can come along to.

Basically conference experts and L&D professionals gather in the pub and have a structured conversation. Read more here:

Learning eXchange

This year is another free Towards Maturity Learning eXchange

This blog is my 2013 reflection on the 2012 Learning eXchange.

This link is for the Training Journal articles I wrote about the 2013 Learning eXchanges.