Comparing Webex, Adobe Connect and Goto for your virtual sessions

Karen  Hyder highlighted that she was going to cover Adobe Connect, GoToTraining and the WebEx Training Centre.


Karen gave us a link to a comparison of these on Wikipedia.

Karen’s delivery was great to listen to and she had a scary amount of knowledge about all the systems. It would have been nice to ‘see’ a bit more of the software rather than  hearing about it or the small illustrative images. I had made an assumption that Karen would do more desktop or application type share to show us some things in the different systems. 

I learnt Adobe Connect before Cisco WebEx and wrote this blog post about it.

Key takeaway from Karen’s session:

If we have a choice between online training software, there’s a lot of detail we can look at in order to make our choice so it needs good research. In my experience really getting to grips with them in order to find out which we prefer is the best way, if possible.

Probably the best way to get something out of Karen’s session is to pay £10 to get access to all the recordings and listen to what she said and the questions she answered.